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Ponderosa Restaurant Surrey Canada

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Canadian Journal of Forest Research, 2006, 36(1): 238-254, 10.1139/x05-212


This study examined the effects of spring and fall restoration burning in an old-growth mixed-conifer – ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa Dougl. ex P. & C. Laws.) forest in southern Oregon. Variables measured include fuel loads, forest structure indices, mortality of large ponderosa pines, and pine resin defenses. One year after treatment, reductions in surface fuel loads and changes to forest structure parameters suggested that burning treatments could meet restoration objectives, with fall burns being somewhat more effective than spring burns. However, mortality of pre settlement pines was significantly higher in fall burns than in spring burns, and both were higher than in unburned controls. Bark beetles (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) were important mortality agents within 2 years after burning. Resin defenses (pressure and flow) were variable over the 2 years of postburn study but showed no evidence of decrease in burned trees; rather, resin defenses were significantly higher in burned trees than in controls at several measurement dates. While increased beetle attacks have previously been documented following burning, there has been much less research on resin responses to fire. These findings suggest that current models of beetle–host interactions do not properly explain the effects of prescribed fire in ponderosa pine forests.

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