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Restaurants Montreal Canada

1 Oregon

It's officially outside Montreal, but this farm to table outpost from a group of young upstarts could be just what Laval needs. As the name implies, expect west-coast, Portland inspired plates, and natural wine.

241 Boulevard Curé-Labelle
Laval, QC H7L 2Z9, Canada

(579) 641-1414

2 Marconi

The much anticipated restaurant from former Au Pied de Cochon chef Mehdi Brunet-Benkritly has landed. Brunet-Benkritly's menu is fresh, seasonal, and comforting: a neighbourhood bistro vibe, in a neatly restored Mile-Ex storefront. It's boosted by partner Molly Superfine-Rivera's bar program, too.

Randall Brodeur

45 Avenue Mozart O
Montreal, QC, Canada

3 Bánh Mì Bánh Yiu

Mile End finally has a reliable source for Vietnamese sandwiches (and iced coffee!) — with its shiny, store-length counter and a mix of classic (pork) and less-traditional (satay) fillings, it's a touch more expensive than old favourites like Hung Phat — but hey, there isn't much competition around this part of town.


255A Saint-Viateur O
Montreal, QC, Canada

(514) 379-1400

4 Elda

A new venture from Gregory Paul of Mile Ex, Elda offers the mothership's famous Mother F*cker burger, alongside a host of casual smaller plates, from squid ink, mackeral and chevre tartelette to a croque monsieur.

Tim Forster

5206 Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC, Canada

5 Le Boucan

Griffintown's Le Boucan has doubled its barbecue output with an expansion to Rosemont. It's the same menu coming out of the old M Sur Masson location: ribs, pulled pork, guedilles, without having to head to Restaurant Alley.

Patricia Brochu

2876 rue Masson
Montreal, QC, Canada

6 Aldea

A Portuguese restaurant, in this part of the Plateau? Never! It might be one of many in the area, but Aldea has some serious chops. The principal's parents ran a prominent Portuguese resto for 35 years (but asked that we keep the name quiet) — and are on board here, doing the classics they've honed for years: cod croquettes, pork and clams, and more.

4403 Saint-Laurent
Montreal, QC, Canada

7 Prince

Upscale BYOB from Montreal's BYOB king, Georges Blais. There's plenty of rich, french dishes with a few nods to other parts of the world to bring it all to life.

771 Rue Rachel E
Montreal, QC, Canada

(514) 528-8555

8 Le Virunga

This pan-African restaurant opened quietly over the summer, and has drawn a loyal crowd with its upscale plates from across the continent with a few Quebecois touches added on. That means everything from a plantain-manioc poutine to goat stew with manioc bread.

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