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The guide is provided in approximate chronological order. However, it is important to start the process early and plan for delays, as timelines and requirements may vary by municipality, region, or season.

Each municipality in B.C. has specific requirements for opening a restaurant. To confirm the requirements in your area, contact your local municipality.

Quick Reference Guide

An infographic that illustrates the process of starting a restaurant, and approximately when to consider each step.


A printable checklist to help you keep track of your progress as you complete the steps required for starting a restaurant.

  • Business Planning
    Create a business plan, learn about market demographics, and be aware of the permits and licences you may need.
  • ocation & Zoning
    Learn about zoning restrictions in your municipality, reviewing your lease, and required renovations and permits.
  • egister Your Business
    Get a business name and register your business with government agencies.
  • Permits and Licences
    More information on the licences and permits required to open a restaurant, and where to apply for them.
  • Employees
    Information on hiring employees, required certifications, and the B.C. Employment Standards Act.
  • peration & Maintenance
    Learn about things to keep in mind after you open: collecting tax, renewing permits and licences, and annual inspections.
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