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Sports Bar Air Canada Centre

Enjoy the benefits of being able to check availability of alternative venue space as Air Canada Centre function space is part of MLSE Catering, which encompasses Real Sports Bar & Grill private event space and Above E11even Private Dining Room. Our talented, experienced catering team can assist with planning your event at any of the 3 locations.

Platinum Club
Located on our event level, the luxurious Platinum Club restaurant has a suggested capacity of 200 people for dinner or 350 people for a reception. This sophisticated room is ideal for corporate and social events with its elegant ambience and offers a five-star dining experience. A private dining room is also available within the Platinum Club that can accommodate up to 75 people for a reception or 40 for a dinner.

Air Canada Club
The Air Canada Club is a unique dining experience providing a large open space where guests are able to view the arena while offering upscale food in a casual setting. The Club, located on our 2nd level, can seat 350 for dinner or 400 for a cocktail reception.

Hot Stove Club
The legendary Hot Stove Club, renovated in 2012, is located on our 2nd level. This classic room features a fine dining section and raw bar, complimented by a warm atmosphere and cozy stand up bar for receptions. The room has a suggested capacity of 134 people for a dinner or 200 for a stand up reception.

Draught Deck
Our recently renovated Molson Draught Deck can accommodate receptions up to 350 people. This contemporary space not only offers an in-game viewing experience, but offers a spectacular view of Ford Fan Zone in Maple Leaf Square and the beautiful Toronto skyline.

Molson Brew House
Molson Brew House is a unique destination on our main concourse level and is accompanied by a customized Molson's Brewery and boasts an impressive selection of premium draughts and imported spirits. Molson Brew House can accommodate a fun, intimate gathering of 50 to over 500 people for a reception spanning through the concourse.

E11even's private dining room is the perfect sophisticated space for a meeting, reception or dinner. Overlooking Maple Leaf Square and Air Canada Centre, this 1100 sq. ft. venue offers a warm and elegant ambience and features natural light and a built in state of the art, fully integrated audio visual system. A full catering menu is available, showcasing the talents and philosophy of our culinary team from E11even Restaurant to use the best ingredients available.

Real Sports Bar & Grill
As one of the most dynamic venues in the city, Real Sports Bar & Grill catering space is the place to be for your next event.

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