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Restaurants Near Air Canada Centre

Restaurants near the Rogers Centre will keep all your bases covered as you head to your next Jays game. If the idea of eating ballpark grub holds no appeal, this list will satisfy your appetite, whether you're looking for something cheap, splurge-worthy, or just really close by.

Here are my top picks for where to eat and drink near the Rogers Centre.


The waterfront brew pub is a prime spot for kicking back with a beer before a game. Here you'll find the whole lineup of house brews on tap, plus a menu of preztels, pizzas and wings.

Beer aficionados looking to dull their tastebuds before switching to the national brands served inside the stadium should head here. The bar stocks 36 craft brews on tap, 2 rotating casks and 100-plus bottles, plus a menu of upmarket pub grub and bar snacks.

Boasting an impressive draught selection with 57 different beers on tap, this is another good spot to stop in for a cold one before the first inning. The menu lists snacky foods like nachos, garlic fries and mini bacon donuts, plus more substantial fare like burgers, seared tuna tacos and bacon bison meatloaf.


Susur Lee's restaurant at the base of the Soho Metropolitan hotel is poised perfectly to rake-in some pre-game activity, even if dim sum isn't your tailgating go-to. If proximity isn't incentive enough, consider their summer promo, which gives same-day game ticket-holders a BOGO bar snack with any cocktail purchase.

A Northern Thai alternative for bar snacks and hearty suppers, this restaurant makes this list over another, slightly closer, Thai restaurant for the both the pad thai and their reservations policy (meaning you enjoy a pre-game meal without risking delays).


With tons of experience serving pre-theatre crowds, and a quick-service grab and go counter for the really impatient, this Oliver & Bonacini establishment is a good bet when timing is tight. On home game days from 11am throughout baseball season, enjoy two corn dogs with ballpark mustard and a side of fries for $12, and wash it down with a pint of Mill St. Tankhouse for an additional $5.

Skip the concession stands inside and prime yourself with one of Smoke's deluxe poutines. Generally ready in just minutes, these hearty masses of fries, cheese and gravy can be gobbled up with a single fork while walking back to the stadium.


Not game for a ballpark dog? You'll find this sub shop on King West serving up another kind of foot-long for under $10. Order hot or cold subs with added bacon (recommmended) and get a lot of bang for your buck.

Famous for their colossal sandwiches, this deli pre-dates the Skydome and has been serving Jays fans since ever since the stadium's inception. Expect to find a menu featuring hunger-crushing smoked meat, corned beef and reuben sandwiches starting at about $8.


The US based chain pairs cafeteria style seating with big screen TVs and a wide variety of burgers, fries and shakes.

If you can get past the numerous DineSafe infractions, this take-out spot is your closest bet for a cheap falafel or shawarma sandwich before or after the game.

Did I miss your favourite place to eat near the Rogers Centre? Share your favourite spots to dig in near the dugout in the comments below.

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