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In this upscale dining room you can enjoy great service, a classic Canadian menu and outstanding sightlines to the ice, court or concert. Surrounded with photos of hockey and basketball greats, as well as concert superstars, the Air Canada Club boasts a sexy yet classy design of light oak tables and soft plush leather chairs. The bar is a must-see with its 75 foot, backlit translucent Onyx design that makes it one of the longest in the city. Unique to the club are the rail seats which allow fans to have a great view of concerts and sporting events.

The menu offers a selection of sophisticated comfort foods including fan favorites: Baby Back Ribs, Chili Broccoli Carbonara, Canadian AAA Prime Rib and a seasonal selection of chef specials.

To compliment dishes, Head Sommelier Anne Martin, alongside her certified team, pair your food with wine from our extensive list. A 1, 200 bottle wine cellar centered in the dining room adds both elegance and functionality while promoting our highly acclaimed wine list.

Air Canada Club, with its spectacular views of the ice or court is an ideal setting for hosting dinners, networking or meeting with friends and family. The ambiance is warm and spirited with excited fans enjoying the game/concert, sharing food, friendship and conversation.

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