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Calories: 340 (whole serving with wild salmon) Total Fat: 11 grams Sodium: 260 mg Sugar: 4 grams Protein: 51 grams Expert: Michelle Shepherd, registered dietitian based in Langley B.C. "Salmon is packed full of anti-inflammatory omega 3s so this is a great lunch choice. The goal is to choose fatty fish about twice a week. I like that more than half the plate is colourful veggies, that’s a guideline I teach all of my clients and can sometimes be hard to meet when eating out. The only swap is that I’m not a fan of 'low fat' dressings because they’re usually higher in added sugars. Try a balsamic vinaigrette instead."

Calories: 670 (whole serving with bacon) Total Fat: 8 grams Sodium: 1060 mg Sugar: 6 grams Protein: 22 grams Expert: Jodi Robinson, registered dietitian based in Grimsby, Ont. "I love Caesar salad and the kale addition is a nutritious feature. I don't eat pork so I'd opt out for the bacon, and dressing on the side is a must, since restaurants are notorious for over-doing the salad dressing, making an otherwise calorie-conscious meal very high in calories."

Calories: 380 Total Fat: 12 grams Sodium: 590 mg Sugar: 8 grams Protein: 20 grams Expert: Andrea D'Ambrosio, dietitian based in Waterloo, Ont. "This is a good pizza option for 380 calories, 6 grams of saturated fat, 590 mg of sodium, 20 grams of protein and 5 grams of fibre."

You can also get a half-size order* Calories: 710 (on its own with dressing) Total Fat: 51 grams Sodium: 1390 mg Sugar: 16 grams Protein: 18 grams Expert: Kristen Yarker, registered dietitian based in Victoria "Lots of veggies. Protein from beans (and fantastic fibre). By having your dressing on the side, you can control how much you add."

Calories: 380 (half order) Total Fat: 13 grams Sodium: 900 mg Sugar: 5 grams Protein: 18 grams Expert: Surjeet Babbar, registered dietitian based in Windsor, Ont. "Half order of lasagna has 380 calories and 900 mg sodium, whereas the baked [people may think 'baked' is a better choice] seven cheese ravioli half order has 480 calories and 1210 mg sodium. That amount of sodium is a little more than half of the daily suggested which is 2300 mg/day."

Calories: 380 (entree size without the chicken) Total Fat: 29 grams Sodium: 980 mg Sugar: 10 grams Protein: 9 grams Expert: Arin Taub, registered dietitian based in Toronto "If you are looking for a hearty salad option, the Mediterranean salad provides a great balance, loaded with vegetables, a moderate amount of cheese and healthy fats from olives. I would recommend adding grilled chicken to the salad for an extra boost of protein which will help keep you full longer. I would also request the dressing on the side, allowing you to moderate the amount that actually makes it on to the salad, without it coming out drenched!"

Calories: 430 (with whole wheat linguine) Total Fat: 6 grams Sodium: 810 mg Sugar: 6 grams Protein: 26 grams Expert: Andrea D'Ambrosio, dietitian based in Waterloo, Ont. "I love that this pasta uses a whole grain alternative to help slow digestion and keep you feeling full for longer. This entree contains 430 calories, 1 gram saturated fat, 26 grams of protein and 9 grams of fibre! The only downfall is too much sodium."

Calories: 800 (whole serving with chicken)Total Fat: 47 grams Sodium: 1860 mg Sugar: 17 grams Protein: 42 grams Expert: Alka Chopra, registered dietitian based in Toronto "Good for lunch or dinner. I would make my own pick of vegetables and choose the grilled chicken breast. I also like the crunch of the tortilla chips, the freshness of the cilantro and the richness in vitamin A and C. I may also pair this with a vegetable soup."

If you have to choose wings to share, go fried — yes, fried. Calories: 540 (starter size) Total Fat: 33 grams Sodium: 1520 mg Sugar: 1 gram Protein: 55 grams Expert: Ivy Lam, registered dietitian based in Waterloo, Ont. "The fried wings have the same amount of protein as oven-roasted and breaded versions, but less calories and sodium than both. Also, consider having a starter as an entree: it is a bit less expensive as the entree, and you can avoid having the temptation of the added side of fries on your plate."

Calories: 470 (on its own) Total Fat: 16 grams Sodium: 610 mg Sugar: 4 grams Protein: 23 grams Expert: Andrea D'Ambrosio, dietitian based in Waterloo, Ont. "This is impressive nutrition for Boston Pizza. With 460 calories, 2 grams of saturated fat, 560 mgs of sodium, 22 grams of protein and 7 grams of fibre. Order a fresh garden salad with balsamic or oil and vinegar dressing on the side."

Calories: 700 (on its own with dressing) Total Fat: 57 grams Sodium: 720 mg Sugar: 19 grams Protein: 13 grams Expert: Kasia Tupta, registered dietitian based in Toronto "This salad would most likely satisfy my craving and provide me with the crunch and nutrients in the vegetables, as well as protein in the chicken to keep me fuller longer. I would also most likely share some garlic bread with someone to make the meal balanced. I practice intuitive eating, which means checking in with hunger level before a meal and their fullness sensation throughout the meal."

Calories: 870 (The full order with marinara sauce and without the salad side) Total Fat: 30 grams Sodium: 2410 mg Sugar: 10 grams Protein: 41 grams Expert: Jodi Robinson, registered dietitian based in Grimsby, Ont. "I will get a balanced meal of three out of the four food groups with this meatless meal and my ongoing craving for pasta and cheese will be fulfilled. The starter salad is a must because the tomato marinara does not offer an adequate vegetable serving. The serving will be too much for one meal [870 calories is often half of a person's calorie needs for the whole day], so I'll be taking at least half home for lunch or dinner the next day."

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Half a twelve grain bagel served with a Swiss cheese slice, and a side of Harvest Vegetable Soup and green tea Calories: 330 calories (just the bagel) Total Fat: 9 grams Sodium: 580 mg Sugar: 6 grams Protein: 10 grams Expert: Stefania Palmeri, registered dietitian based in Toronto "Having a half portion of a multi-grain bagel helps to maximize the amount of fibre you get from your grains, while keeping portions controlled. Adding a slice of cheese increases the protein and always ensure there is a source of vegetables. The Harvest Vegetable Soup is one of the lowest calorie and lowest sodium choices on the menu. To drink, a green tea adds a boost of antioxidants to your meal."

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