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GE Cafe Appliances Canada

The GE Cafe Series of kitchen appliances has taken over the nation! GE designed this series is inspired by chefs to include all the little details that turn ordinary meals into extraordinary meals. Their aesthetic design turns the kitchen into a heaven for aspiring and seasoned cooks.

Energy Star Qualified

Performance and beauty were not the only focus for the GE Cafe Series of kitchen appliances. This series of kitchen appliances is Energy Star qualified, meaning they use less water and energy to provide you with high-performance results.

Lowering the water and energy consumption in your home will not only make the environment happy, but your wallet will thank you as well. Over the course of a year can see a significant reduction in your utility bills when you turn your kitchen in a GE Cafe Series kitchen.

The GE Cafe Series

This series of GE kitchen appliances is an aspiring cook's dream come true. Through the use of advanced technologies, and the input of chefs, the GE Cafe Series is prepared to help you create a multitude of culinary masterpieces in your home kitchen. You can take advantage of the precision simmer, saute, and sear, or advanced speed cooking ovens, and even perfect cooling for impeccable food preservation.

The GE Cafe Series ranges offer a wide range of cooking temperature and techniques, encompassing everything from slow roasts to quick sears. European Convection cooking takes baking, roasting, and broiling a step above the rest with Direct Air for even heat distribution.

No cooktop cooks as great as a GE Cafe series cooktop! These cooktops feature multiple capabilities that are easy to use, even for new home cooks. Each burner has a specialized for precision boiling, simmering and searing to maximize flavor.

Nothing seals in flavor better than the GE Cafe series wall ovens. Just like the freestanding range ovens, they feature the European Convection System. This convection system circulates the heat throughout the oven. Circulating the heat around dishes, such as turkeys, chickens, and roasts gives your rotisserie results.

The sleek GE Cafe series ventilation hoods give your kitchen a newly remodeled look and feel, while quickly and quietly removing smoke, odors, and grease from the kitchen environment.

The stunning GE Cafe Series refrigerators take food preservation a step further. This series of refrigerators allows each compartment of the refrigerator to be individually calibrated, so all of your foods are stored at the perfect temperature. To take these refrigerators even further, the built-in ice and water dispensers also feature a hot water function.

A Brand You Can Trust

The GE Cafe Series is the brainchild of GE Appliances, a company that is dedicated to finding the solutions to real-life questions. Ge uses only the highest quality of materials to construct stylish, innovative refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, cooktops, ovens, and ventilation hoods to simplify your daily routine.

The forward thinking of the GE Appliances' engineers, upgrades the look, feel, and convenience of your kitchen with the GE Cafe Series. With 100+ years of experience, GE is committed to producing superior quality, trend-setting, high-performance, durable, reliable appliances that combine brilliance and innovation to design the next generation of appliances that add beauty and convenience to your kitchen.

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