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Chocolate Bar Only Found in Surrey Canada

Opening Night Wednesdays

Relax, socialize, and enjoy complimentary appetizers from 7pm.
Mouth-watering delights by Candlelight Cuisine

First Fridays

We serve you dessert and coffee after the show. You might even meet the actors!
Mouth-watering delights by Candlelight Cuisine

Paint at the Play Art Camp

Come to these 4pm performances and we will entertain your 6 to 12 year-olds at our Arts Camp (3:30–6:30pm) while you enjoy the show!

  • Baskerville: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery—October 22
  • The (Post) Mistress—January 14
  • Bittergirl: The Musical—February 25

It's free! Register by calling the Box Office at 604-501-5566.


Patrons who are blind or partially sighted can enjoy an enhanced theatre experience with VocalEye audio description. VocalEye patrons use a headset with a single earpiece and volume control that allows them to hear the show and the live description simultaneously.

VocalEye’s professionally-trained team begins the broadcast 15 minutes before curtain with detailed descriptions of the set, characters and costumes. Once the show begins, the “describer, ” speaking into a transmitter, relays the physical action and visual detail between the lines of dialogue.

VocalEye audio description is offered during these Saturday 4pm performances:

  • The (Post) Mistress—January 21
  • Bittergirl: The Musical—March 4

We are pleased to offer these seats for only $25, and you can purchase tickets by phone or in person (not available as a subscription). VocalEye equipment is limited, so reserving ahead is recommended.

Subscription prices

All 3 Shows!
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 8pm
Saturday/Sunday 4pm
Friday/Saturday 8pm $119

* Good news: Prices include taxes, facility fees and service charges.

How to subscribe

You can subscribe online.

Online ticketing is convenient for many theatre-goers. However, if you need wheelchair seating or have other specific seating requests you’ll need help from our Box Office staff. Give us a call—we’re super nice!

By Phone
Call Surrey Arts Centre's Box Office at 604-501-5566 (press 1).

In Person
Drop by during Box Office hours.

Programming, artistic team, dates, and prices are subject to change.
Some performances contain mature themes, nudity, and/or coarse language. Contact our Box Office for more information.

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