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Kitchen Bar Stools Surrey Canada

As a Canadian owned and operated company, Cymax.ca strives to provide Canadians with more options in furniture and home décor that was previously limited in the Canadian market. Founded in 2004, our company is headquartered in beautiful British Columbia. Browse through our selection of furniture that is continually growing. We offer low prices and fast delivery, making shopping for furniture online a breeze.

Entertainment Furniture

Our story starts with entertainment furniture, what we specialized in when we first got started. It may be hard to find that perfect TV stand at Canadian brick and mortar stores. We work with top brands in the industry to bring you more choices. Get your dream entertainment center to house all your electronics. Find matching audio racks while you are at it. We have everything here.

Bedroom Furniture

We have bedroom furniture for all bedrooms. Cribs for the nursery, bunk beds for the kids’ room, and twin to California king size beds for all the other rooms. Find the perfect piece by looking and comparing hundreds of items right at home. We also offer bedroom sets that come with other essentials like nightstands, dressers, chests, mirrors, and more. If you only require a bed frame or a headboard, we carry them as well.

Living Room and Dining Room Furniture

Get the most comfortable furniture for your living room and dining room, where you spend time with your loved ones. From a simple futon to a luxurious sectional, we have a wide range of furniture pieces in various styles for you to choose from. If you are looking for a set for a bigger space, we have sofas, loveseats, and occasional tables (coffee tables, end tables, and console tables). If you are looking for something that fits a smaller space, look for stylish club chairs and recliners. Cozy up to a warm fire by the fireplace, which is something you can easily get if it does not come built-in with your house. Just to add a little fun, consider throwing in a bean bag in your living room.

Love cooking and entertaining? Find the tools and furniture you need for the kitchen and dining room. We have dining tables, chairs, and sets on sale all the time. For additional storage, a kitchen cart is perfect. If you need display space, opt for a curio cabinet or a buffet table.

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