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Bar Keepers Friend Canada

In 1882, an Indianapolis chemist noticed how clean and shiny his tarnished pot was after cooking rhubarb. Using an active ingredient that’s found in the plant he formulated a talcum-smooth cleanser and sold it to the city’s taverns. So pleased were his customers with how well it worked on bar fixtures, the product was dubbed the “Bar Keepers Friend.”

The same non-bleach formula that put a shine to the brass rails of taverns at the turn of the century is used in households today on stainless steel, porcelain and ceramic surfaces among many others.

Today, Bar Keepers Friend is still made in Indianapolis and is found at retailers across the United States and in many other countries.

Search the Internet using the words “Bar Keepers Friend”, “clean” and almost any surfaces such as “tile”, “stainless steel” or “solid surface counters” and find testimonials such as this posting from Emily at

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