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Vivo is where Italian comes alive. We relish the enthusiasm and joy with which the traditional Italian meal is prepared and delivered, and seek to recreate that experience for every guest. Our open kitchen showcases our chefs preparing fresh and local ingredients.

When you join us for dinner, expect it to be a relaxing evening lasting a couple hours over several piatti (courses). Your table comes alive when we present a variety of large offerings on platters or bowls within easy reach of all.

A classic Italian pranzo (dinner) usually beings with a variety of antipasti (hot and cold appetizers), followed by one or two primi (usually a hot pasta, risotto, gnocchi or zuppa). Next your table will share a secondi (entrees) served on a platter combined with your choice of contorni (vegetable side dishes). Italians often complete their meal with un dolce, un caffe, or un digestivo (dessert, espresso, liqueur or grappa.)

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