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Windsor Canada Bars

Windsor Canada is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada. This is for a couple different reasons. It is the southernmost city in Canada and is located just over the bridge from Detroit. The drinking age is 19, so a lot of young Americans come there to have a good time and gamble. Windsor really comes alive at night thanks to its great nightlife offerings.

Party at Casino Windsor

Many people come to Windsor to gamble, specifically at the Casino Windsor. It is a classic-style casino that keeps classic Vegas in mind. At night, they do this at the Showtime Lounge. The lounge has many entertainment options including celebrity impersonators, stand-up comedians, magic, and Vegas-style musical revues. You can visit the casino every night and experience something different each time. The most popular show there is probably “the Cabiners”, a musical revue of the music of the Beatles.

The Zebra Room

If you like to dance, head to the Zebra Room. It is located right downtown off of the main strip. It is the premier club in the city for those that like to dance to electronic dance music. Each Friday, the Electronic Front radios station hosts a party at the venue.

Irish Pub

Patrick O’Ryans provides the classic experience of an Irish pub in a casual environment. The pub has traditional Irish music and a huge selection of beers available to satisfy anyone’s taste. It is a two-story pub, giving it enough room to house any party.

The Windsor Raceway Has Two Kinds of Gambling in One

The Raceway gives people multiple options when it comes to gambling. It is both a casino and a racetrack. Place your bets on one of the horse racing going on there all night until they close. The casino portion also has a huge offering of different entertainment options and over one hundred slot machines.

Head To the Aardvark to Catch the Blues

The Aardvark Blues Cafe is one of the premier spots on the main strip for live music. One reason is the variety of bands they offer. The other reason is because they never charge a cover charge to enter. This is the place to go for a unique experience on the strip in Windsor. It is casual enough that you can either dance the night away or just relax and check out the band.

Hit Party Alley

Oulette Avenue is also often referred to as “Party Alley” by the locals in Windsor. It is a five-block area that is jam-packed with a different night clubs. One reason people like to party here is the huge number of bars creates a lot of competition, meaning cheaper drink prices. If big crowds aren’t your thing, avoid Party Alley on weekend nights. It is the spot to go for a raucous night out with your friends.

Editor’s Note: The information contained on this page was compiled using real traveler reviews about nightlife in Windsor.

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