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Counter Height Bar Stools Canada

Having the right in your home can allow you to take advantage of built-in design details such as a breakfast bar that’s part of your kitchen counter layout. Whether you’re looking for high, comfortable chairs to arrange casual seating at your kitchen counter or you want to create a classic stool arrangement for your home bar, west elm’s bar and counter stools are just right. From cushy, upholstered counter chairs to rustic, backless wooden bar stools, our selections in this category allow you to embrace a chic, modern approach while nodding to decor tradition. From adjustable-height stools to fixed-height chairs, we’ll help you find exactly what you need to incorporate tall seating into your home.

A setup can take on many forms, including a simple bar cart placed in the corner of your living room. But if you’re lucky enough to have a standalone countertop bar, investing in some bar and counter stools will help complete the look and make the space feel more useful and authentic. From your own mixology efforts with a small group of friends to cocktails served up by professional bartenders for a catered party, adding stools to your home bar adds charm and comfort to any situation. If you don’t have a built-in countertop bar, you can still create a bistro/bar feeling by adding a tall table to the space next to your bar cabinet and pulling up a few of these tall chairs to complete the effect.

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